Chev Property

The Chev Property is located 210 kilometres (km) northeast of Vancouver, 52 km southwest of Kamloops, and 25 km southwest of Merritt in south-central British Columbia. The block is comprised of thirteen (13) claims covering an area of 2,890 hectares (7,141 acres).

The earliest known work done on the Chev claims was in 1966 when T.C. Explorations conducted an Airborne Geo-magnetometer survey on the western portion of the claims. In 1971, Newconex Canadian Exploration Ltd. conducted a widespread stream sediment and soil sampling over certain drainage basins and tributaries in the vicinity of the Chev Claims and surrounding area.

In 1973, Falconbridge used a Geological approach for the exploratory program which included mapping the southern flank of Selish Mountain. During 1981-1982 Chevron Standard Limited completed an Initial work program consisted of Airborne Electro-Magnetic and Magnetometer Surveys in several Survey Grids to delineate potential areas of interest. In 2014, Tech-X completed Geological Mapping, Soil and Rock Sampling as well as prospecting on the nearby Augusta and Salish Claims.

Westhaven Ventures Inc. has conducted exploratory fieldwork on the Shovelnose property to the south of the Chev Claims for many years which has resulted in a new Low-Sulphidation Epithermal Discovery and a staking rush of the entire Spences Bridge Gold Belt which is now being actively explored for a similar discovery in the region.